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Organizational structure and institutional capacity, including capacity-building needs;

The organizational structure of KASAPI includes the General Assembly as the highest policy-and decision-making power, which according to its constitution is held every 3 years. The General Assembly elects the members of the Management Board, which elects the officers of the Executive Committee, composed of the ff:

President – Joe Valencia

Vice-president – Nestor Villanueva

Treasurer – Lucrecia Salcedo

General Secretary – Aurora Tabangin

Governance of the organization uses the committee system. The Executive Committee runs the day-to-day operation of the organization. Governance is shared by the following committees:

Committee on Welfare, which is in charge of looking after the welfare of members has the responsibility of visiting the sick in hospital, helping process their hospitalization needs. This job entails visiting detainees in detention centers. In case of death, the committee helps facilitate burial or repatriation of the remains of the deceased.

Finance Committee looks after the financial status of the organization, and includes responsibility in payment of bills, rent of the offices of the organization.

Membership Committee is in charge of membership data base, updates the status of each member. It organizes orientation courses for prospective new members

Legal services committee is responsible for the legal needs of members, and keeps regular contact with the group of volunteer lawyers. Cases such as illegal dismissal by employers, racial discrimination, are handled pro bono by lawyers

Committee on Cultural Affairs is responsible for cultural presentation of ethnic dances. Every year, KASAPI organizes a cultural festival. This year  the Santacruzan was held at the Pedion tou Areos park. Some 6.000 people took part in the two-day event.

Sports Committee organizes sports events such as basketball tournament for adult men as well as for the youth. It organizes chess tournament and has chess team that participates in tournaments organized by trade unions and municipalities, like Dimos Kifissia.

Education Committee provides information kits on Greek legislation. Every Sunday it holds group discussions on pressing issues of the day. On a regular basis, it conducts information meeting where resource persons invited to provide inputs and explanations of legislations and events happening in the country.

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